1. Creation and development of the national system of geophysical monitoring, participation in the Interstate monitoring system of territories of the neighbouring countries and in the International Global Monitoring System of the Earth.


2. Study of the regional seismicity, assessment of the seismic and geomagnetic conditions in the territory of Belarus.


3. Works aimed at the seismic hazard assessment, including those performed at the stage of designing large civil and industrial engineering projects.


4. Seismic and geodynamic monitoring within the regions where critical structures or mineral deposits are located.


5. Elaboration of methods and facilities for geophysical observations, as well as of computer-aided information technologies.


6. Seismological, geophysical and geodynamic data supply for scientific investigations.


7. Creation of geophysical data banks, international and interregional exchange of information.


8. Effective cooperation with the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection of the Republic of Belarus and other departments concerned with problems of hazardous geodynamic phenomena of natural and man-made character and possible mitigation of their negative consequences.


9. Expeditionary works.

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