Head of Department

Phone (+375 17) 3698859; Fax (+375 17) 2643419


Tasks and duties of the Department:


1. Engineering control over continuous 24-hour operation of equipments used for geophysical observations. Elaboration and adoption of software and hardware for geophysical data processing, storage and transmission.


2. Set up and operation of facilities (hardware included) in the course of expeditionary and experimental works.


3. Development and refinement of methods and information and computing techniques used for geophysical data collection, processing, storage and integration (applied research included).


4. Development and adoption of new methods and hardware for measuring parameters of geophysical fields and geodynamic phenomena.


5. Study of conditions when locating an observation station on the basis of recording characteristics (noise background, power supply, requirements, reliability of communication, etc.). Set up and adjustment of equipments for geophysical observations.


6. Participation in planning geophysical observations, in research – engineering and experimental works. Maintenance administration of the Centre website, local network and Internet access.


7. Engineering support of operation of the Information & Analytical Centre of Geophysical Monitoring (IACGM).

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