Dr. Tatyana ARONOVA

Head of Department

Phone (+375 17) 3698859; Fax (+375 17) 2643419


Tasks and duties of the Department:


1. Methodical supervision over processing data of geophysical (seismologic, geomagnetic, hydrodynamic, etc.) observations carried out at the stations of the Centre. Collection and storage of primary data, their quality estimation and suggestion of ways for their improvement.


2. Elaboration and adoption of new methods for data processing. Control overthe observation procedure in departments of the Centre.


3. Study of the regional and local seismicity, assessment of the geodynamic, seismic and geomagnetic conditions in the territory of Belarus. Comprehensive data computing, compilation of catalogues, tables, bulletins, reviews, as well as appropriate maps and diagrams.


4. Interregional and international data exchange within the framework of concluded agreements (firstly, with analogous services of neighbouring countries). Creation of divisions of geophysical databases and their current data population.


5. Participation in drawing up plans of geophysical observations, research-technological and experimental works. Submissions of reports.


6. Informational support of operation of the Information-analitical centre of geophysical monitoring (IACGM).

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