A geophysical observatory at Pleshchenitsy was created in 1958. It is located 65 km north of Minsk near the settlement of Pleshchenitsy. The geographical coordinates are φ = 54.50° N; λ = 27.88° E, the height a.s.l. is 196 m. The soil under the building of the geophysical observatory is formed by morainic loam. Geological setting: the region is situated within the Belarussian Massif where the crystalline basement occurs in a depth range from 500 to 550 m.


The experimental seismic observations started in 1963. The continuous seismic observations are carried out since August 1965. The seismic station is located at the laboratory building of the geophysical observatory. Seismometers are installed on the baseplates 1.5 m - digged into the soil. The baseplates do not contact the floor or other rigid constructions of the building. The station performs continuous variation observations of the geomagnetic field components D, Z, H, T to study the secular field changes. Similar observations are carried out in the territory of Belarus since 1960.



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