The station is located 216 km northeast of Minsk at the settlement of Kopol of the Polotsk district. The geographical coordinates of the station are φ = 55.66° N; λ = 28.96° E, the height a.s.l. is 187 m. Geological setting: the station is located on the northern border of the Polotsk superregional fault initiated at the preplatform stage and being a part of the Polotsk – Kurzem belt of sublatitudinally striking faults. The crystalline basement is built by an amphibolite-gneissic complex including biotite, amphibole-biotite, amphibolic gneisses, amphibolites and their migmatization products (migmatite-granites, granite gneisses). The region is situated at the junction of the platform cover structural features: Vileika buried uplift, Latvian saddle, Velizh saddle and Orsha depression.



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