Geomagnetic observations are carried out at the “Pleshchenitsy” Geophysical Observatory. A fluxgate magnetometer LEMI-022 is the main instrument recording the time variations of H (horizontal), Z (vertical) and D magnetic declination (angular) components of the geomagnetic field. 

The absolute changes of characteristics of the geomagnetic field observations are implemented with the aims of the determination of the basis values of the magnetic field components D0, H0, Z0 and magnetic field strength T0. Such observations are performed monthly using a theodolite-based fluxgate magnetometer LEMI-204 and a portable proton magnetometer MINIMAG. The fluxgate magnetometer LEMI-204 is used to measure the angular components: D (magnetic declination) and J (magnetic inclination).

Data obtained by LEMI-022 are processed with special software MagData, which enables:

- data viewing;

- compiling a minute table of the geomagnetic field variations over 24 hour;

 - the formation of an hourly table of the geomagnetic field variations over a month;

- the determination of K-indexes for each 24 hours;

- the determination of the magnetic storm parameters;

- putting new base D0, H0, Z0 and calibration values;

- putting the data processing results in the database.

Standard tables of hourly average values of the geomagnetic field components are given in nT, and the angular ones – in degrees and tens of a minute. A standard table includes hourly average and daily average values of the geomagnetic field components D, Z, H.

The main result of work of the geomagnetic observatory is the determination of secular variation of the geomagnetic field components D, H, Z and T, which is a difference between the geomagnetic field component annual average in the preceding and subsequent years.

Data of variation observations are used to compile a monthly review of the geomagnetic field conditions, which involves tables of hourly averages and daily averages of the geomagnetic field parameters D, Z, H, tables of the geomagnetic field disturbance in three-hour intervals of K-index scale (max. value is 9), descriptions of magnetic storms and their parameters.

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